Our Story

Hi, I'm Mary.  

Here's a little insight into how our family began Living Well Now.

As a mother of two (Karalynn and Evan, they're the cute ones in the photos) health and nutrition has always been a paramount concern.  In searching for 100% natural and non-GMO supplements out there, I discovered the options were vast and varied, though no one brand seemed to pull all the elements of living a balanced and healthy holistic life together in a way that made it convenient for consumers.

So after a conversation with my husband Daniel (he helps with the business side of stuff.  Argh!  Paperwork!), we decided to explore the possibility of building a business with Living Well at the center of the efforts.

After extensive research into existing options, we started to form an idea around slowly building a brand of curated supplements that focused on 100% natural ingredients.  The goal was to help people, as I did with the 12 years I was a substance abuse counsellor, while helping my family as well.  

The minimal approach of starting out with three products has helped us retain the focus on the quality we're striving for.  We plan to expand the brand slowly the coming years.

The rest, as they say, is her-story ;)